Why augmented reality works?

In a UK study both traditional print and augmented reality marketing campaigns. Here is what they found:

Great Results

Traditional Marketing

Length of interaction

AR Marketing

Length of interaction

Tradicional Marketing


AR Marketing



Broaden your market reach, target new client demographics, appeal to a millennial audiences, extend traditional print campaigns, increase brand recognition and leverage new ways to approach product marketing with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Sparklar’s specialized custom campaigns provide data capture, viral marketing results, increased web traffic and lead generation. Our dedicated project managers create campaign and event applications that target your customer base ensuring maximum results for your time and investment.


Sparklar’s Spotlight AR installations provide a dynamic big screen experience that is ideal for large events and permanent installations. For museums and aquariums, Spotlight AR paired with our Custom PhotoVision Mobile Application can provide a new way to capture guest moments, entertain customers, create opportunities for social sharing and bring your events to life.


Immersive technologies can bring a whole new world of excitement to inspiring learners both young and old. AR and VR don’t just tell the story but provide a dynamic platform that combines interaction, exploration, engagement and visual reinforcement. Education is a focus of Sparklar and our sister company PlayPointe. www.playpointe.com


Sparklar’s development teams can incorporate complex animations, 3D modeling, information systems, data capture to our clients custom branded applications. Our campaigns are created to capture detailed analytics ensuring a timely ROI on our customer’s time and investment.


Leverage our experience and low development costs to extend the capabilities of your in-house technical teams. By partnering with Sparklar, your organization gains access to our project teams, proposals, sales tools and expertise. We can present with you or support you as a silent partner. Whatever your business model, we can support your efforts.


License Sparklar’s proprietary Augmented Reality and Photo Vision software for Ipad and Windows PC. Our software provides a custom Photo/Video platform for parties, installations and events. Extend your guests and visitors experience while monetizing and providing a timely Return on Investment.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality companies often have varying project loads. These fluctuations make it difficult to justify full time in house resources for AR/VR development. Sparklar can help fill in the gaps with our team of developers, creative teams and experts.

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Creatitity – (Noun)
the ability to trascend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships to create meaningful new ideas; originality or imagination.