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About Us


In a technology driven market, consumers today extensively research new products and services. Retailers and advertisers leverage a competitive advantage by allowing future buyers to immerse in the touch and feel of their products.


The ability to interact with technology allows consumers to better understand the overall experience associated with a product or service. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality provides a touch and feel versus a mere product description.


The immersive and interaction components allow campaigns and exhibits to create an experience for their audience. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can transport guests to times and places they would never experience in reality.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality create interactive environments that are ideal for learning.   Sparklar’s Virtual Hosts embed instructors and educators into each immersive experience.  Our immersive campaigns provide the optimum opportunity for education.

Immersive Technology Ignited

Immersive technologies expand market reach, attract new customers and increase engagement marketing and social impressions. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360° video provide organizations with innovative and creative ways to engage, interact and entertain their customers. These expansive benefits incorporate key elements including analytics, social sharing, global campaigns, rich media, brand storytelling and entertainment. Digital Multimedia companies, PR firms, Advertising and Marketing agencies have identified substantial benefits in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. While they acknowledge the benefits and dramatic impact on market reach, companies are facing challenges in incorporating AR and VR into their current strategies?   Too often, emerging technologies seem to be understood by few, affordable to fewer and can be intimidating and risky to use. That is why we created Sparklar. We are an experienced AR/VR agency with project management, development, affordable pricing and strategies to ensure successful campaigns. Finally there is access to the best technologies available with the support you need and all at a price you can afford.


Why Sparklar?

Over 6 years experience with Augmented Reality.

In- house project managers, designers, animators, and creative campaign creators

ROI Driven campaigns and event strategies to drive brand promotion while monetizing through giveaways, products and extensions of your guest experience.

Unparalleled Quality User Experience.

End to end production experience with Virtual Reality and 360° The ultimate visualization strategy to take your brand to the next level.

Extensive experience in Mobile Application development for IOS and Android.


Strategic project planning including Promotion, Marketing and monetization planning to insure a fast and timely ROI on each client investment.

Our specialized campaigns provide data capture, viral marketing results, and increased web traffic and lead generation. Our dedicated project managers create custom campaign and event applications that target your customer base ensuring maximum results for your time and investment.

Sparklar successfully and effectively executes our customer’s ideas, technology and campaigns. We work with each company from the initial project planning and discovery through application deployment, onsite installation, cloud services, animation, storyboarding, and analytics. The Sparklar team will work diligently to ensure each client has a unique cutting edge campaign.

When properly executed, Immersive Technology broadens your reach, deepens your engagement, and boosts word of mouth promotion all while elevating your brand.

Through Sparklar’s sister company, PlayPointe, we have extensive experience in leveraging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for education. From apps and books to games and visual experiences, we have the know how to help educators build the content they need in a technology that provides the optimum experience to engage learners. playpointe.com

Mobile Application Development

Sparklar’s proprietary platform creates a dynamic foundation for our content delivery and yours. Whether a corporate party with a specific message and theme to a in store marketing campaign, Sparklar has the in house knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life. From creative planning to deployment, we can work with your experts to deliver custom applications pairing your message with our secure system.

Custom Content Development

Sparklar’s Project Managers and content development teams can transform your vision to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or 360 Video. Animation and green screen videos can be custom created and delivered on multiple platforms. Content can be created and delivered in several mediums:

  • Mobile
  • Interactive (Kinect)
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Small Screen
  • Large Installations – Spotlight

360° Video Production

Sparklar is experienced at capturing 360 video productions for entertainment, advertising, brand advocacy, and education. Our team can seamlessly optimize content for mobile, web and Oculus Rift, Samsung VR and Google Cardboard. We work with our clients to create and execute their vision through our planning phases, capture and production of the content, customization necessary to meet the specifications, integration and distribution.

Print & Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Custom marketing concepts to meet the specific needs of PR firms, Digital Multimedia companies, Print companies and Advertising and Marketing Agencies. Whether print advertising, online campaigns, billboards or Jumbotrons, Sparklar leads clients in harnessing immersive technologies in the most impactful way to their campaign strategies.

Creative Concepts

If your organization is looking to extend its capabilities, creative campaigns and market reach then Sparklar is the ideal partner for your business needs. Behind the scenes we can expand your technical offering to your end customers. From creative concepts and proposals to demos and support we are here to support you.